Current Lab Members

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Dylan Dodd, MD PhD

Principal Investigator

Training: Dylan Dodd completed his M.D. and Ph.D. degrees at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign.  His thesis research was in Professor Isaac Cann’s laboratory in the Department of Microbiology, and focused on the molecular mechanisms for energy capture by gastrointestinal bacteria.  Dylan then moved to Stanford where he completed residency training in Clinical Pathology.  He continued at Stanford as an Instructor in Justin Sonnenburg’s laboratory, where he studied how gastrointestinal bacteria contribute to a large pool of bioactive small molecules that impact host physiology.

Fun Fact: IPA is both Dylan's favorite molecule and favorite beer.


Bi-Huei Hou, MS MBA

Lab Manager

Training: Bi-Huei completed her masters degree in the Institute of Botany at the National Chung-Hsing University of Taiwan.  She then moved to Chicago where she completed an MBA at the University of Illinois at Chicago before traveling west to Stanford.  She worked at the Carnegie Institute for 18 years, first in Shauna Somerville's lab focusing on the defense mechanism of powdery mildew and it’s application for DNA microarrays and then in Wolf Frommer's lab on sugar biosensor technologies.

Fun Fact: Bi-Huei enjoys papercraft artistry and is an accomplished amateur horticulturist.


Bryce Jarman

Training: Bryce obtained an undergraduate degree in chemical biology from UC Berkeley where we worked on protein bioconjugation under Professor Matt Francis. From there he went south to Caltech, where he got a Ph.D. in chemistry with Professor Dennis Dougherty studying both the physical organic chemistry of proteins using noncanconical amino acids as well as new long wavelength photochemical reactions. He is excited to be back up north applying his training in chemical biology to studying the gut microbiome in the Dodd lab.

Fun Fact: Bryce loves the ocean and is an avid scuba diver.


Yuanyuan (aedan) liu, PhD

Senior Research Scientist

Training: Aedan Liu completed her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Her thesis research was in Professor James Imlay’s laboratory in the Department of Microbiology, focusing on the molecular mechanisms of oxidative stress response in bacteria. Aedan then joined Michael Fischbach's lab at UCSF as a post-doc, where she studied capsular biosynthetic gene clusters in Bacteroides. Following post-doctoral research, Aedan joined the Infectious Disease department at Genentech before moving to Stanford to join the Dodd lab as a senior research scientist.

Fun Fact: Aedan's Maine Coon is sometimes mistaken for a small dog.


Former Lab Members

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Lalla fall, ms

Lalla worked jointly in the Dodd lab and in ChEM-H as a life sciences research professional helping to establish metabolomics methods and to build our in house chemical reference library.  She now works at Eurofins Lancaster Laboratories as a pharmaceutical development associate.








Bryan tan

Background: Bryan is currently a senior at Gunn High School. He is interested in biology and economics, and has completed all science courses currently offered at his school. In his junior year, Bryan worked on an independent research project with one of his classmates under the mentorship of Dr. Dodd. This research was aimed at analyzing the spread of Wolbachia within mosquito populations and how this spread would affect the disease-transmitting abilities of said mosquito population. Bryan hopes to study biomolecular engineering and behavioral economics in college.


Fun Fact: In his free time, Bryan enjoys operating his cryptocurrency mining rigs.